Have you imagined yourself hit by a car? A Mom of 8 Dogs Hit by a Car…

Have you imagined yourself hit by a car? This little girl who gave birth to 8 babies just a month ago was hit by a car at Hattiban, Lalitpur and her fore left leg is completely smashed. Just imagine, how big pain she had been through unless she was rescued & medically treated. This is the life of street dog. They are the one who always suffers, always begging us and searching for some food, always in pain with some kind of diseases. How can one survive like this? Don’t they have rights to live like we do? It is ok, not to LOVE them, but why HARM them? What mistake have they done? The only mistake is they were born in the street. And we are responsible to make them a street dog as we love pedigree dog and not our local breed. STOP shopping and START adopting if you really care about them. Her leg need to be amputated or regular dressing must be done to make her relief, all depends on the vet decision.

Anyone willing to cover her cost for the treatment are more than welcome. If you believe animal deserve better life, will you please help us continue rescuing animals? A small donation from you will mean thousands of other being taken to safety and given vital medical treatment.
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