Heights of Human Stupidity, Dog was attacked with Sharp Object, Rescued.

Talking about heights of stupidity humans have crossed all the limitations (sorry for calling stupid people stupid). Where is the so-called morality that separates humans and animals. We should learn to consider others pain and sufferings too and other’s refers to life of an animal too.

Thank you Sagar for informing us about this buddy. He had been rescued by our team and his treatment has start right away. His condition has left us with a very heavy heart. Someone mercilessly attacked sharp object (assumptions knife or khururi) at him. We won’t be sharing his pictures because all of them contains graphics. Most of his body has open and very deep cuts. We are heart broken by his situation.

Only if he had voice and could speak for himself, he would not have suffered alot. We usually do not curse anyone but the man who did this to this buddy does not deserve any empathy.
You can also sponsor his treatment. We need your help to help all the animals out there suffering because of stupid people. Donate today www.snehacare.org/donate.

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