Hit & Run – Same story again and again, Stop Doing this Please

Hit & Run – Same story again and again. I don’t need to write much, again and again. There was a complete fracture of bone. Even though surgery was the best option to fix the bone, we decided not to operate the puppy considering his age and other considerations as there is extremely high chances of puppy getting infected with the virus when they are not in complete vaccination, that is due to severe immunosupression after orthopedic surgery.

Finally we did external support to fix the bone. He is under good care now and hope he will be able to walk on his four leg again. Praying for his good health.

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2 thoughts on “Hit & Run – Same story again and again, Stop Doing this Please”

  1. Karma Gurung says:

    hope to see him in well and good condition soon.

    1. Snehacare says:

      Thank you Karma Ji, He is in good hands now. Hope he will recover soon.

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