Holy Cow Under Treatment


As a secular nation, Nepal Government protected Cow as a national animal and prohibit its killing. Political parties are using a cow as their symbol and mainstream agenda to gain the support from Hindus. We can see thousands of cows abandoned in streets of Kathmandu living in a crude dumping sites without food and water, but those so called Hindus and politicians doesn’t care about those animals.

snehas CareHundreds of cow die every year in streets from accidents, sick and starvation. But still very few people feed them and take care of them. As of today, we were focusing in rescuing dogs, but we couldn’t resist when we received a call from local of Hattiban regarding the injury of a cow after an accident.

snehacareOur team has been visiting the cow every day for treatment, and he is now recovering well. Hope he gets well soon, and we drive slow.
Help us save a life, Donate today www.snehacare.org/donate

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