Its Family Time :)

Work, Work, Work, That has been a sort of my daily routine and when it comes to Saturday Yey its  Holiday. Public Holiday and I got a Day to Relax, and give myself some time to  rest.

This day I can visit my kids on Dog Kennels, go check on my angels and pets and some pets on shelter homes and see if everything is all right.

I went to visit Jerry today. Jerry is the FINE dog which is adopted by a friend Anand. I am very happy he has been taking very good care of him.


Then I went back to my house.  And then there are my 5 kids waiting for me right in front of the gate. staring at me. I always get something for them  and i never forget, they know that, I guess they could smell if from miles away.

family time

Yap Its Family TIME now, I get a grand treat of being surrounded by all of them waiving their tails and making me feel special. I feel special around my  Veer, Angie, Tiger, Nakkali, Bhunti… They probably must have the same feeling as I do. They are Indeed very Special 🙂 .


Alright Tiger, Slow Down, you all will have your chances.  My boys are Girls are very Obedient too.. Sometimes  Tiger is Aggressive, Probably due to his height, He is so Jealous of  VEER. Look at him  Tiger wants me all by himself. lolz. Family time is FUN INDEED.

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