Meet My Mighty VEER


Veer loves to drive with us, on occasions, we take him on tour. Sometimes around the valley and sometimes even for the longer drive. Every time we get out of our home, he gazes at us and waves its tail. We know he is always ready to get on the passengers seat and have his head out of the  window and his tongues out seeing his mama drive.

Today I brought him to the Office, Of course the office is not new to him, He has been here few times with Zaara, (  Zaara is no more with us and  her memory always gives me hard time 🙁 )

well anyways, Veer seemed very happy today playing and fooling around with Office staffs and our lovely customers.


Veer is blocking the VIEW, Common Veer get out of the way, we want some good pictures of our customers,  hehe. Veer was fun to everyone on the office today, everyone was happy to see him. and I was super happy to have him by my side all day,

new member

Now thats right, Veer is posing and he is HUGE, isn’t he? My super BIG BOSS.


Smile Please 🙂 . I had no idea how quick the day was, company with my VEER is always pleasing. He has made my day and all those around him today.  Bringing him to the office has given me the thoughts on Zaara, I believe, VEER must have missed ZAARA  too. Shall talk about her in my next post.

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