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Aug 28

Street Dog with critically maggot infested wound Rescued and Treated

Excruciating pain and here he is fighting for life. This furry has critically maggot infested wound. Several holes caused as a result of maggot and living a life with agonizing

Aug 27

Cutie Infected with Maggots Treated

This handsome doggy was found by a kind-hearted person Laxman from Dhapasi. This cutie is infected with maggot wound. Ill-stared furry, he is fortunately treated by our team and the

Aug 23

Dogs with Maggots Rescued and Treated, Thank you Sunita and Anu for reporting.

Suffering of dogs is increasing rapidly day by day. Poor furry! he was roaming around the street of Shantinagar, Kathmandu with the deep maggot wound in ear. You can imagine

love and care street dogs
Oct 10

Meet Lure

My name is Lure. I live in the area of Tripureshwor Veterinary Hospital. People hit me for no reason. I never knew why am i being hated by humans. I

stray dogs
Sep 26

My Name Is Creamy

My name is Creamy – I was hit by a person near Bir Hospital and had wound. My wound went bigger and bigger everyday because of Maggots. How could i

stray dogs
Sep 07

Get well soon boy

My name is FAMOUS 🙂 -Informed by Bipin bhai about this dog where he saw him two days back at Banepa. I informed Mr. Uttam about this dog and he

Aug 06

Treating the kid, thank you sajuna

Received message on Facebook about this little kid. Ms. Sajuna informed about his injury on ear. He had maggots all over his wound and his ear seems like dropping  

stray dogs
Jul 28

Rescued a boy full of Maggots

This little boy has maggots all over his wound. He has been ignored by we human for a month and yesterday one the kind hearted lady from the area informed