What is wrong with humans?

ACID ATTACK at Nardevi – What’s wrong with HUMAN? The dog was acid attacked few months back at Nardevi. After a long & regular treatment for a month, he was healed. But again someone acid attacked the same dog last week. What is wrong with human? Why again & again?


We organised a rally in the surrounding of Nardevi area against ACID ATTACKER where there were 100s of participants.


stray dogs

Everyone were aware about the rally and what i thought was, whoever attacked the dog felt sorry for the dog but i was wrong, it happened again. We also organised Rabies Vaccination in that area to make people feel that, Street dogs are being loved by human but it didn’t worked. What shall we do to STOP this? Where is HUMANITY?

stray dogs


Oh common Acid attacker, you will rot in hell and someday same-thing will happen to you as well. This DOG came in notice from the locals of Tahanani and was informed to me, but who knows how many dogs are still the victim and how many were already dead and never noticed. I beg you humans, please STOP doing this.

stray dogs

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