Dr Sushil Saves Shelly, Burden of Stones in Bladder Removed.

Shelly, was very weak and barely moved when we first rescued her. It amazes us how these dogs are able to live on the streets in conditions like this. She had a massive stone that weighed about 300 grams in her urinary bladder. Same as with humans, stones in urinary bladder occur when dogs eat things that cannot be digested.

Shelly is very weak and old, which was a risk for her surgery. But we felt like we needed to take the plunge in order to save her. She is now resting after the surgery and has finally started to eat a little. Thank you so much to Dr. Shushil for taking the risk of operating on Shelly! You have always proven to be the best at everything you do.

Thank you for saving Shelly.
Please help us with the further treatments and medications of Shelly. DONATE TODAY! http://www.snehacare.org/donate

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