Hall Back to Streets OR your HOME !!! You Decide, Adopt Hall !!!


Meet Hail. He was rescued from the streets with an extreme case of mange, which has left his body bare and hairless. We could have never imagined he would transform into a total cutie like this. Since we have been rescuing a lot of dogs, we have run out of space to bring any more dogs to our shelter. After a dog gets healthy, we release them back to their community. Each time it is an awfully hard decision for us as we feel like we are losing a family member.

Currently, we have more than 155 dogs with us here at the shelter, which is why we need to release to be able to bring more in for treatment. Hail will be soon taken back to the streets. If you would like to give him a home, we would urge you to message us as soon as possible. Hail is waiting for you.

DONATE TODAY to aid us in helping more animals living in the streets; http://www.snehacare.org/donate

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