These Kids Broke their Piggy Bank For Street Dogs

Snehas Care

Teaching kids to respect animals is the first step in treating them humanely. I have today witnessed a child’s love for animals. It reveals itself in so many ways, from the stray dog that followed them home from school, to the begging and pleading for a family pet.

It’s hard not to appreciate how much a child’s face brightens up when they encounter animals (especially dogs), and can you blame them?

These two child (Daughter of Mrs. Rosi Kanskar) asked their mom to donate their savings from Piggy Bank to me for the welfare of street dogs. They donated their savings which was Rs. 40,000.

These two kids arrived in Nepal few weeks back and started counting the number of dogs in the street and their count was 272 dogs in the street they saw, i have promised them that they will be seeing less dogs on their next visit to Nepal 🙂

Thank you kids for loving animals and helping them the way you can 🙂

Snehas Care

Sneha Shrestha With daughters of Mrs. Kansakar and the Family. Thank You so much for the donation.

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