Milk Man, Milky and Sneha


My name is Milky. I was hit & run by a vehicle carrying Milk at Lagan Chowk. I cried all the day but none asked me why was i crying? None asked me if i was in need of Help.


One of the kind hearted guy named Niraj heard me crying while he was back home from his work. He then called Sneha mom & she suggested to take me for treatment at Animal Medical Center. One of my hind leg and the fore leg is broken. I am under treatment now as Sneha Mom has promised the fee of treatment.


But still my treatment is very expensive and i have to stay with Sneha Mom until i am recovered, hence i would request everyone to help with whatever you can. Will keep you updated on my surgery and living :). I hope i will be getting a good home once I am recovered as I don’t want to go to street again.

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