Some Days are Happy Days and Some are Not… Ting Ting Message Pops up..


Ting Ting, Message Pops up, Oh we got the message … That’s how my morning starts every day.

First Thing I do is Check the Message,  Screen It and Execute..


As I was going through  my Facebook this  morning  around 7 am, Among the many messages received for rescue, A dog in the Gaushala area, Kathmandu, needed the immediate help,  A person with a good heart , “Roshni” called me asking for the rescue.


Early morning, and no staffs  arrived,  I requested Roshni to drop the dog to the clinic owned by Dr Sushil, our regular and one of the best, I have worked with.

Thankfully Roshni helped me to move the dog to the clinic and she left for Pashupatinath to attend the funeral of her grandfather.

Meanwhile I informed Dr Sushil to proceed further for the needed treatment.

I am very thankful to Roshni sister for helping this dog despite when she was in such bereaved situation.

My greatest gratitude to  Roshni and her family for everything they did to the dog on behalf of Sneha’s Care.

Dr. Sushil attended the dog and after thorough examination, he called me back in a sad tone, “Sneha, Its Distemper”

I could not say much for I know what that meant. He was sad and So was I,  he knew he had to put the dog down. And I knew I could do nothing about it..

I requested “ Can you please confirm ?? “  He replied , “ Sneha , Its positive.  Its Distemper “

All I could say was : Damn !!!! …

Early morning and I had to allow my Vet to let a beautiful life go.

If only we had other options….

If only this dog had received vaccine against Distemper, it would not have cost us its life untimely and had the option of “LIFE”!! This feeling of not being able to save the poor life is sinking and heartbreaking.

Sad and worried, I thought to myself

“Who would care to vaccinate these street dogs against Distemper?

“How long do these poor dogs have to suffer such painful death?”

There are many such dogs in different streets of Nepal which are at risk of Distemper ,who are in need of immediate medications and Vaccination against the Distemper..

Sneha’s Care center cares about these and realizes thousands and millions of such dogs are waiting for us to help them out. And without any doubt, we are gonna do it, we are gonna make it happen, and Yes!  make it happen together..,

And there goes again.. “ Ting Ting , oh another Message …  

That’s how my day continue…

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